Destination: French Riviera | Motorcycle Travel

Destination: French Riviera | Motorcycle TravelTraveling the French Riviera via Motorcycle

Supermodels, princesses, starlets, and the Circuit de Monaco - the French Riviera is packed with reasons to visit, and that's even before you hop on a motorcycle for a cruise through the bustling cities or sprint through the countryside.

Perhaps on the beaches of Saint-Tropez you will discover your own Brigitte Bardot, or the next Olivia de Havilland at the Cannes Film Festival. See if you can break the bank at Monte Carlo Casino, as Joseph Jagger did 140 years ago. It is just that kind of place - history, beauty, romance, and a touch of well-regulated danger.

The southwestern terminus of the Alps runs from Nice to the east, within miles of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea; the opportunities for sport riding are virtually endless. To the west, you have the more relaxed terrain of the Cotes de Provence wine region, famous for its rose production.

As if these natural and civilized attractions are not enough to entice you, the climate in the area is, well, Mediterranean. Thousands of hours of sunshine a year mean that your ride is unlikely to be rained out.

Destination: French Riviera | Motorcycle Travel

Even in August, Nice has an average high temperature in the comfortable mid-80s. Microclimates are plentiful, so you can change the weather at the twist of a throttle. Truly the Cote d'Azur, as the French Riviera is locally known, has it all.

Based centrally in Cannes, Columbus International is a luxury motorcycle rental and tour company that is perfectly matched to the prosperous region. Whether you want a Harley-Davidson to glide through the wine country, a Ducati, KTM or MV Agusta superbike for a blitz into the Alps, a BMW for full-on touring or adventure, or a muscular Diavel to push your way through Monaco, Columbus International is prepared.

Bikes can be rented for the day, and self-guided tours are available. For a larger commitment of time, Columbus International conducts guided tours that will take you to Italy for a track day at Misano World Circuit, one of MotoGP's most storied stops.

Ready to serve its customers, Columbus International delivers bikes anywhere within 120 miles of Cannes, so you can be ready to go at any airport, train station or harbor in the Cote d'Azur.


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