Corbin Releases Front & Rear Seats for Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja 300 Corbin Seat

Corbin has released a newly designed and engineered seating platform for the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300.

Constructed out of Comfort Cell foam for greater comfort and support, Corbin’s front saddle is shaped like your body to create a greater area of body contact and proper weight distribution.

The saddle eliminates pressure points, increases riding range and is built firm to stay resilient and support your body all day. 

Corbin’s rear seat is built to give “race bike” looks with a shape like a race cowling. On the inside, the rear saddle is built with the same high quality Comfort Cell foam to provide good passenger support. The Corbin rear seat is suitable for short – mid range passengers despite the radical appearance.

Under the saddle, rubber bumpers keep your paint job safe from scuffing and both front and rear saddles mount like stock and come with brackets preinstalled on the saddle. Corbin saddles come standard with genuine leather seating inserts for a true touch of luxury.

Corbin recommends our Carbon Fiber laminated leather seating with Asphalt vinyl sides for a nice accent. Leather provides a seating surface that breathes with your body and will adapt with the foam during break in for a perfectly personalized fit.

Shown with Lime Green welts to coordinate with the Lime Green Kawasaki paint job…Corbin offers a host of color options to coordinate with the Ebony or Stardust White Ninjas as well. (MSRP: Front-$282.00/Rear-$192.00)

For those interested in obtaining more information on Corbin, you can reach them at 800-538-7035 or online at


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