BMW: October Motorcycle Sales up 7.7%

2012 BMW October Sales Report

BMW Motorrad has once again posted positive sales. The Bavarian motorcycle company reports that October sales were up 7.7 percent over the same month in 2012.

BMW says in October 2012, 7,596 motorcycles were sold worldwide, compared to 7,050 in October 2011. For the entire year through October, BMW reports that 93,540 motorcycles and maxi scooters were supplied to customers, which is down 0.4 percent from the same period of 2011 (93,942 units).

Heiner Faust (BMW Motorrad Head of Sales and Marketing) says: "At the end of the 2012 season, the motorcycle markets are showing considerable variations. Due to economic conditions development of the major markets Italy and Spain has been much weaker than expected. The markets of Northern and Eastern Europe have also been weaker than last year. However, we have been able to make up for this negative development with excellent sales in the USA, Brazil, other Latin American markets, Asia and Russia.

"Germany remains the single most important market by a wide margin. As of October, sales here are at the same high level as last year. In spite of difficult market developments, we are generally confident of being able to sell more vehicles by the end of the year than in the record-breaking previous year.

"This is an impressive result in view of the model change in connection with the volume model R 1200 GS. BMW Motorrad will now start supplying the maxi scooters C 650 GT and C 600 Sport overseas, too. Customer interest in our scooters has grown constantly in Europe since its market launch in the summer. And this December we will start supplying the new BMW HP4. Demand for our top-class supersports racer has clearly surpassed expectations."

With a total of 8.329 units, the BMW-owned Husqvarna Motorcycles supplied 22.9 percent more motorcycles from January up to and including October than in the previous year (6,775 units). In October, 973 vehicles (+ 44.2 %) were supplied to the Husqvarna dealer network.


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