Progressive IMS: Human Motorcycles Ad Campaign (Video)


Progressive International Motorcycle Shows

Amid a world overrun with advertising, the 2012/2013 Progressive International Motorcycle Shows ad campaign is sure to stand out.

The “Human Motorcycles” IMS campaign features exactly what the name implies – humans creatively put together to mimic a motorcycle. Three seperate motorcycles are reproduced in the ads – a Harley-Davidson, a Ducati (depicted above) and a KTM.

Speaking of the Human Motorcycles campaign, the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows’ PR company, Spin Communcations, says:

“Working with professional San-Francisco-based Body Painter Trina Merry and a band of highly flexible and uninhibited models – Merry’s team painted naked bodies to mimic iconic motorcycles to create “human motorcycles.”

“At first glance, you see a beautiful woman riding a motorcycle, but, look closely, and what is revealed is that the entire has been created out of naked men and women and not one piece of clothing is being worn. The motorcycle’s wheels, seat, frame and body is all made out of painted naked humans, and the rider is not wearing any clothes, she is totally painted.

“You honestly have to see it to believe it as the motorcycles are brought to life by the art of Trina Merry, with creative direction by San Diego-based ideabrand, on behalf of the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows 13 city nationwide tour ad campaign. The campaign will cover print, outdoor, social, email, direct mail, video and more.”

Here are some fast facts about the Human Motorcycles shoot, which is highlighted in the above video:

  • The models at the shoot were dancers, yoga instructors, aerialists and circus performers
  • Number of hours each bike shot took from beginning to end: Harley: 15 hours; Ducati: 18 hours; KTM: 13.5 hours
  • Number of air brushers on set: 8
  • Number of massage therapists on set: 2
  • Maximum amount of time a motorcycle pose was held: 2 minutes
  • Minimum: less than 10 seconds
  • Hours of behind-the-scenes video footage: 30

The 2012/2013 Progressive International Motorcycle Shows will have 13 stops, beginning with Atlanta Nov. 2-4, and ending with Charlotte Feb. 22-24.

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