Jay Allen Road Show at 2012 Sturgis

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2012 Jay Allen Road Show

Since Jay Allen moved on from his monumental creation, The Broken Spoke Saloon, to spread his wings, his life has taken on a wild ride in the form of a traveling road show.

Jay Allen’s Road Show is motorcycle history meets the ultimate biker party. Keeping it real and grass roots in style, Allen is essentially taking his live free, ride hard personality that he infused into the Broken Spoke brand and delivering the experience to customers worldwide on their turf and their playing grounds at the 2012 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Aug. 6-12.

Jay Allen says: “Keeping the motorcycle tradition alive and entertaining the customer with an exciting, authentic lifestyle experience has always been at the heart of everything I do. I’m keeping it real times ten and delivering an experience that customers crave. I observe their needs so that I can anticipate their fix.”

Jay Allen’s Road Show at Sturgis has found the perfect home. Located 3 miles east of Sturgis stands the massive white Thunderdome, a once successful haven for all things custom motorcycles for several years running called Thunder Road. The nearly 40,000 square foot hurricane proof dome is the ultimate haven for an amplified grassroots throwdown.

Gary Lippold (Thunderdome owner, former owner of Glencoe Campground) says: “Exciting times are in store for the Thunderdome. With Jay’s unique brand of showmanship you can expect the greatest bands, hottest girls, coldest beer and the best of times at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.”

Having created the lauded Broken Spoke Saloon from the hallowed tradition of Dave Iverson’s old garage nearly twenty-five years ago, Jay Allen is no stranger at starting something with pure passion as capital.

Jay Allen says: “We’re like David against a bunch of Goliath sized venues in Sturgis. With the rally becoming so corporate and commercial it’s imperative to keep Sturgis true to the roots like back in the old days of Pappy and Pearl Hoel and the days camping at City Park. We’re keeping it real. Everybody getting together, everyone is an equal and having one helluva party based upon our love for the motorcycle.”

Keeping it real means keeping the venue free for the customer and offering up deep discounted longnecks, entertaining bartenders, and party bands featuring outlaw country, rockabilly, classic rock and a good dose of anything goes. All bikes ‘84 and older can ride into the massive dome and throwdown a kickstand.

Jay Allen says: “It’ll be like an ongoing bike show with bikers riding their piece of history right into the tent.”

Other attractions include:

  • Michael Lichter & Sugar Bear Ride
  • Motorcycle Cowboys rodeo crew
  • The Official Miss Sturgis contest with cash prizes
  • Hottest Sturgis Bartender Championship inviting body painted bartenders from all over the Black Hills to compete
  • Matt Olsen’s Old Iron Putt (‘84 and older, photographed by Mike Lichter)
  • Tattoo Show and Expo featuring over 100 tattoo artists
  • Jay Allen’s Builder Invitational showcasing builds from humble garages to independents to industry giants
  • Baker Smoke Down Show Down
  • S&S Cycle Circle of Honor Tribute to the Troops
  • Cultural food experience featuring several distinct cuisines
  • The Rolling Thunder 25th Tribute Bikes, and much more to be announced.

The Jay Allen Road Show is located at the Thunderdome, just three miles east of Sturgis on Highway 34, South Dakota. Website and Facebook to be announced. Visit officialjayallen.com for more info.