XDL 2.0: New Stunt Championship Vision

2012 XDL Championship Series

Back in 2006, when motorcycle-stunt riding began booming in America, the XDL Championship was born.

The XDL Championship was an immediate hit in the states, and began building a global following from stunt riders in far-away places, such as France, China and India.

Realizing the global market for the sport, organizers at the XDL Championship re-examined its role within the motorcycle industry, using factors as follows:

85% of all motorcycles world-wide are sold in China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam
Almost 60% of XDL fans are from overseas
Stunt riding is a global lifestyle sport with a dynamic similar to skateboarding

When the data was crunched, the result was a revamped series, an effort called the XDL 2.0, which "positions the series as a world-wide competition brand based on the sport of stunt riding."

In simple terms, there are a lot of 18-34 year old motorcyclists around that world that participate in or are interested in stunt riding. In India, MTV already has a show called Stunt Mania.

The series says: "XDL 2.0 is a 5-year plan to develop a global competition infrastructure to reach into these vast markets. At the heart of XDL’s global appeal is the content we create at our events in the U.S.

"This is where it all starts. So with an eye towards offering the best possible content for a live audience as well as for video, we re-engineered our competition schedule and brought in several new venues. The 2012 schedule is the start of a 5-year effort to develop an XDL schedule that covers both coasts and major markets in between, for a total of 12-14 events by 2016."

2012 XDL Championship Information:

New for this year are Budds Creek, Albuquerque (ABQ) and Portland (PDX). And we will be back at the Queen Mary for the first time since 2008. The season opener in Budds Creek represents our first step in building a base in the Northeast corridor and is a partnership with the MIROCK Fast By Gast/WPGC Bike Fest. This existing lifestyle event offers a built-in enthusiast audience for XDL.

Round 2 in Long Beach sees a return to the site of some of our most successful events, this time in a partnership with the Queen Mary. Round 3 is our now famous stop in Indianapolis as part of the Red Bull Indianapolis GP.

Round 4 in ABQ at NAPA Speedway is brand new and allows us for the first time to create a true week-long stunt festival that will allow riders of all levels to be part of the fun. XDL will end the season in September with the XDL Finals at Portland International Raceway.

XDL’s return to race track venues is in line with the hottest trend in motorcycling: drifting. Venues such as those we have in ABQ and PDX will allow us to feature the best drifters as part of an XDL event. We expect to see many "firsts" this year, as well as a lot of mind-blowing video content.

2012 XDL Championship Series Schedule

  • R1: Budds Creek, MD – Maryland International Raceway, 7/21 & 22
  • R2: Long Beach, CA – Queen Mary, 8/3 & 4
  • R3: Indianapolis, IN – Downtown, 8/17 & 18
  • R4: Albuquerque, NM – NAPA Speedway, 8/31 and 9/1
  • Finals: Portland, OR – Portland International 9/14 & 15

XDL can be found on the web at:



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