2012 Daytona 200 | Results


2012 AMA Daytona Sportbike

In only his third AMA Pro GoPro Daytona SportBike start, 19 year-old Joey Pascarella took home the win at the 71st Daytona 200 Saturday at Daytona International Speedway.

Pascarella, aboard the Project 1 Atlanta/March of Dimes Yamaha YZF-R6, was able to hold the lead despite having three riders (Jason DiSalvo of Latus Motors Racing Triumph, Cameron Beaubier of Graves Yamaha, and Martin Cardenas of GEICO Suzuki) on his tail at the conclusion of the 57-lap race.

Pascarella’s margin of victory was 0.048 over DiSalvo, with Beaubier edging out Martin Cardenas by photo finish.

Pascarella and Beaubier were the only two riders remaining in the lead pack after the second round of pit stops, but Cardenas and then DiSalvo managed to run down the fast teens from several seconds back to make a four-man battle in the final four laps.

Pascarella, who led 41 laps, ran in first as the riders entered the chicane on the final lap. The fast four moved past a lapped rider and made the charge to the stripe for the 57th time, where Pascarella encountered another backmarker. Pascarella did not test the bike or ride before Wednesday’s practice.

Joey Pascarella says: “I knew I could do it and I had faith in myself. I ran my own race. I thought if I led on the last lap and someone passed me, so be it. I felt most comfortable in the lead. Everyone was there the whole race. It ended up working out. I got a draft on a lapper and I was able to bring it home with a win. I don’t know what we’re doing for the rest of the season, but hopefully the team and I can keep going.”

Project 1 Atlanta won the pole for the 2011 race with rider Jake Zemke.

Runner-up DiSalvo charged hard after slowing before the first round of stops.

Jason DiSalvo says: “I thought I had an issue with the motorcycle and I backed off the pace considerably and we lost a good bit of time. We went through our pit stop and got back out there and everything looked okay and we kept going,” said last year’s Daytona 200 winner.

“Once I thoroughly chastised myself for making a silly move like that — you ride it until it stops, you don’t think you hear a noise and pull in — I just rode as hard as I could every lap. Every lap of that race was ten tenths, as hard as I could go. It ended up working out right that we were right there in the end. Through all the laps, and all the sliding around and slicing through lapped riders, it was just in the back of my mind that I was riding for Gary (Nixon) and riding for his memory, and for my crew and all the hard work they put in.”

Cameron Beubier says: “The race was awesome. I really didn’t get a good draft to the line, but I am happy with third.”

Behind the lead pack, another set of riders participated in an equally ferocious battle. M4 Broaster Chicken Suzuki rider Dane Westby led that pack filled with veterans and young riders, breaking away at the line to close out the top five.

Ducshop Racing’s Zemke followed, with Y.E.S. Graves Yamaha’s Tommy Hayden, RoadRace Factory/Red Bull’s Jake Gagne, SGA Racing’s Tommy Aquino in tow. Cory West and the Riders Discount Vesrah Suzuki Team rounded out the top 10.

2012 Daytona 200 Results

PosNo.Rider(s)TeamBikeIntervalGapBest LapPoints
1.52Joey PascarellaProject 1 AtlantaYamaha YZF-R657 LapsWINNER1:50.3220
2.9Jason DiSalvoTeam Latus Motors RacingTriumph Daytona 6750.0480.0481:49.6070
3.6Cameron BeaubierYamaha Extended Service, Graves, YamahaYamaha YZF-R60.1120.0631:49.7800
4.36Martin CardenasGeico SuzukiSuzuki GSX-R6000.1120.0001:49.8670
5.5Dane WestbyM4 Broaster Chicken SuzukiSuzuki GSX-R60044.35444.2411:50.1670
6.98Jake ZemkeDucshop RacingDucati 84847.4183.0641:50.2030
7.8Tommy HaydenYamaha Extended Service, Graves, YamahaYamaha YZF-R647.5310.1121:51.0870
8.132Jake GagneRoad Race Factory/Red BullYamaha YZF-R647.5470.0161:50.3360
9.827Tommy AquinoSGA Racing/Yamaha Champions Riding SchoolYamaha YZF-R647.6430.0951:50.4140
10.57Cory WestRiders Discount Vesrah Suzuki TeamSuzuki GSX-R60058.33510.6911:50.9080
11.95JD BeachRoad Race Factory/Red BullYamaha YZF-R61:22.19623.8611:50.8520
12.16Robertino PietriKatra/SGA RacingYamaha YZF-R61:43.44121.2441:51.6890
13.60Michael BeckFull Tuck RacingYamaha YZF-R656 Laps1 Lap1:52.3890
14.50Bobby FongMeen Motorsports RacingYamaha YZF-R623.70423.7041:51.3990
15.700David GaviriaLTD RacingYamaha YZF-R635.47411.7701:51.4480
16.29Barrett LongLongevity RacingDucati 84853.34517.8711:51.9560
17.19Shawn HigbeeHigbee-RacingBuell 1125R53.5210.1751:51.0060
18.7Fernando AmantiniTeam AmantiniKawasaki ZX-6R1:12.22618.7051:51.7180
19.100Bostjan SkubicRiders Discount Vesrah Suzuki TeamSuzuki GSX-R6001:36.49124.2651:53.7360
20.86Ben YoungBYR/Fogi RacingYamaha YZF-R655 Laps1 Lap1:53.3250
21.74Josh GalsterJosh Galster RacingYamaha YZF-R60.0840.0841:53.4020
22.43Reese WackerMOB RacingYamaha YZF-R623.41123.3261:53.7550
23.20Paul AllisonKneedraggers.com/Triple Crown IndustriesYamaha YZF-R61:08.71145.3001:51.9090
24.45David Sadowski, Jr.Top Shelf Motorcycles RacingSuzuki GSX-R6001:28.99520.2841:53.1880
25.71Nico VivarelliAPEX/Mousebox RacingYamaha YZF-R61:36.2937.2981:54.2960
26.13Melissa ParisSea Miracle Yamaha RacingYamaha YZF-R654 Laps1 Lap1:55.3280
27.41Pat MooneyPat Mooney RacingBuell 1125R8.3808.3801:54.8080
28.46Shane NarbonneMOB RacingYamaha YZF-R613.6315.2511:53.9580
29.84Anthony FaniaKSW RacingYamaha YZF-R638.37424.7431:56.0880
30.14Dalton DimickGearzy RacingYamaha YZF-R638.9740.5991:53.6380
31.12Ricky OrlandoRicky Orlando RacingKawasaki ZX-6R1:10.43531.4611:56.8520
32.63Jeff WrobelWrobel RacingYamaha YZF-R653 Laps1 Lap1:55.9560
33.175Sam RozynskiKneedraggers.com/Triple Crown IndustriesYamaha YZF-R651 Laps2 Laps1:57.5650
34.24Scott RyanStiles RacingYamaha YZF-R650.59550.5951:53.7110
35.72Bryce PrinceRotobox/NexxYamaha YZF-R643 Laps8 Laps1:53.9380
36.240Frankie GarciaTuned Industries/Aussie Dave RacingYamaha YZF-R632 Laps11 Laps1:55.9820
37.37John AshmeadPeter Brady RacingKawasaki ZX-6R29 Laps3 Laps1:56.5400
38.77Matthew SadowskiTop Shelf Motorcycles RacingSuzuki GSX-R60028 Laps1 Lap1:53.6880
39.229Darren JamesRuthless Racing Inc.Buell 1125R27 Laps1 Lap1:57.4720
40.56Austin DehavenKneedraggers.com/Triple Crown IndustriesYamaha YZF-R617 Laps10 Laps1:52.5560
41.35Benny SolisRiders Discount Vesrah Suzuki TeamSuzuki GSX-R60015 Laps2 Laps1:50.0380
42.23Dario MarchettiDucshop RacingDucati 84811 Laps4 Laps1:56.0980
43.34Michael BarnesKneedraggers.com/Triple Crown IndustriesYamaha YZF-R69 Laps2 Laps1:52.7030
44.75Huntley NashLTD RacingYamaha YZF-R6DNFDNF-no times-0
45.38Kris TurnerTurner`s Cycle RacingTriumph Daytona 675DNSDNS-no times-0
46.10Eric HaugoViking MotoYamaha YZF-R6DNSDNS-no times-0