Harley Celebrates Black History Month

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Harley-Davidson in Culture

Harley-Davidson is undoubtedly a huge part of culture, it’s influence reaching thousands in the motorcycle community.

Part of this arrives due to The Motor Company’s participation in various cultural events across the country, such as Black History Month.

And to celebrate this February’s Black History Month, H-D has launched an exhibit at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee that showcases the evolution of African American motorcycle culture.

Along with the exhibit, Harley will also highlight African American motorcycle culture online and at dealers across the states.

John Comissiong (Director of African American Outreach Marketing, Harley-Davidson Motor Company) says: “African Americans have influenced and helped shape motorcycle culture throughout our history. Riding culture is seen differently today because of their numerous contributions to it.

“We’re number one in sales to African Americans, and not only are we very proud of our shared history, we’re always looking for new stories to tell.”

The museum’s exhibit includes the “bikes, stories and images of Harley-Davidson legends like William B. Johnson, the first African American Harley-Davidson dealer; Bessie Stringfield, the first known African American woman to ride solo cross-country on a Harley motorcycle in the 1930s and 1940s; and Ben Hardy, the custom builder who helped create one of the most famous motorcycles in the world, Captain America, for the movie Easy Rider.”

Online, Harley is once again showcasing its Iron Elite, which was launched in 2010. This part of the website showcases African America rider stories, custom motorcycles and legends.

Harley-Davidson says “The Iron Elite community at harley-davidson.com gives visitors a chance to share personal Harley-Davidson stories, show off their bike customization and learn more about key African American motorcyclists who have significantly impacted the sport of motorcycling.”

Also, many dealerships will feature smaller African American history exhibits, and Harley will support a variety of events such as Atlantic Beach Bike Week, Daytona Black Bike Week and the National Bikers RoundUp, where thousands of African American riders gather in the spirit of unity and in true biker form.


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