American Chopper: The Build – 4.8 Million Viewers

American Chopper: The Build Video

Earlier this month, there was a huge televised competition between Orange County Choppers, Paul Jr. Designs and Jesse James titled "American Chopper: The Build."

The show was featured live on the Discovery Channel, and became the second highest-rated episode in the history of the series (American Chopper: Sr. Vs. Jr. and The Series).

How high were the ratings? Discovery reports 4.8 million viewers, although only around 200,000 people voted on the bike build.

Taking the win was PJD (pictures above), and now there's much speculation on if Paul Junior will get his own show. But there's also talk of Jesse James getting his own show also, since he took second in the build off.

It appears Discovery designed the The Build Off to see just what the audience wants, and with Paul Senior's bike coming in last, Orange County Choppers just may be losing popularity.

Would Paul Jr. Designs get its own show? And if so, would it survive on its own, without that father/son tension? Or will the very outspoken Jesse James get his own show?

It'll be interesting to see just how this develops, but one thing's for sure - PJD has become the more popular shop based on viewer's reactions to the build off.

Attached above is a video discussing the outcome of the build off.


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