2012 Victory Hard Ball | Intro Video

2012 Victory Motorcycle

At the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show, Victory unveiled its newest motorcycle – the Hard-Ball.

The Hard-Ball’s unique characteristics are the hard bags, which hold a combined 21 gallons of cargo space, ABS, old-school lace 18-inch wheels and a unique exhaust.

Of course, the 2012 Hard-Ball features Victory’s famed 106 ci (1731cc) Freedom V-Twin, which produces 109 ft. lbs. of torque and 97 horsepower.

With a comfortable 5.1 inches of travel up front, and 4.7 inches out back, the Hard-Ball’s suspension provides a comfortable ride. And dual 300mm discs up front stop the 758-lbs. machine.

Furthering enhancing the uniqueness of Victory’s new machine are 15-inch ape hangers and custom matte-black paint with red-pin stripping.

Attached above is a video highlighting the all-new machine; for a preview, click here.


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