Volkswagen: Easy Rider Parody (Video)

2011-volkswagen-easy-rider-parody-video (1)

VW Motorcycle Video

Here at, we’re not specialists on the South African motorcycle scene – not by any means.

But it’s easy to assume that one of two things happened when Volkswagen South Africa released this YouTube flick to promote the new Jetta – either the South African motorcyclists took it as a dig at motorcycle culture, or laughed.

Whatever the results were, it seems Volkswagen was creating a bit of parody when they titled this video: “Volkswagen: Easy Riders (2011),” which can easily upset many Peter Fonda fans…

But regardless of what happens over there, we had to share it for the stateside motorcyclists. We are a passionate bunch here, and this will definitely be a talker.

Your thoughts are more than welcomed…