Diablo iPhone App: Summit Award

Pirelli Super Biker iPhone App

The Diablo Super Biker app for iPhone, launched in early August and dedicated to motorcyclists, on the occasion of SMAU 2011 has been awarded in the category "Utilities, Tools and Productivity" entering the Top 5 App of Mob App Awards.

This award is an initiative promoted by the Observatories of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with SMAU and Wireless4Innovation.

Lucio Vesentini (Digital Marketing & Community Manager) says: "Diablo Super Biker is the first official application for the iPhone from the Pirelli Group, and receiving recognition during the MOB App Awards reinforces the awareness that we are working in the right direction.

"Launched in August 2011, Diablo Super Biker has already become excellent match for motorcyclists with more than 30,000 downloads in less than three months. Very soon we will issue an update for the iPhone bringing furthering the usability of the GPS measurement to be in-line with those of professionals and thus providing even more accurate results to the end user."

This free iPhone app is for riders looking to measure their performance in real-time directly on their iPhone discovering the distances traveled by motorcycle, speed, lean angle and lap time. It’s as simple as setting the iPhone mode to "road" or "track" and going out for a ride. Through Google Maps you can "photograph" your performance, following your route on the map. At any time you can view the routes, compare the results obtained, and share them with your Facebook friends.

The app is compatible with any iPhone (iPhone 4 for the lean angle capability) operating at least version 4.2 of the Apple iOS.

More information about on pirelli.com, facebook.com/pirelli or Twitter @Pirelli_Media.