Motorcycle Thefts Down 24% Since 2007

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Motorcycle Theft Stats

Some new information released Thursday from the National Insurance Crime Bureau will be calming for motorcyclists.

The NICB reported that 2010 motorcycle thefts were down 24 percent since 2007; the data shows that 65,678 motorcycles were reported stolen in 2007 compared with 49,791 in 2010.

The NICB reports that the top five makes stolen last year were: (1) Honda, 12,260; (2) Yamaha, 9,853; (3) Suzuki, 7,869; (4) Kawasaki, 5,470; and (5) Harley-Davidson, 3,301. Combined, these five brands accounted for 38,753 thefts in 2010, or 77.8 percent of the total.

For 2010, the top five states with the most motorcycle thefts were: (1) California, 5,662; (2) Texas, 4,394; (3) Florida, 4,148; (4) North Carolina, 2,649; and (5) Indiana, 1,925. These five states accounted for 18,778 thefts, or 37.7 percent of the total.

the NICB also reports that the 2010 summer months of July (5,714) and August (5,380) saw the most theft activity. The fewest thefts were recorded during the months of February (2,403) and December (2,763). Over the entire period covered by this report, 2007-2010, July recorded the most thefts (26,352) while the fewest occurred in December (13,944).

Although the decline in motorcycle thefts is welcoming, it can also be directly correlated to the decline in motorcycle sales for 2010; data shows that 520,502 motorcycles were sold in 2009, compared to 439,678 in 2010, a decline of 16 percent.

The complete motorcycle theft report is available here.


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