BMW Stunter Griffin to German Open


Stunt Riding German Open

BMW Motorrad’s Irish stunt star, Mattie Griffin, will be competing in the prestigious Stunt Riding German Open – arguably the world’s biggest freestyle riding competition – on his modified BMW F 800 R.

The invitational event will see over 40 of the very best stunt riders competing and showing off their mind-blowing tricks, skills and routines in front of a panel of expert judges. The two-day competition, being held at the Hockenheimring circuit in Germany, takes place over the weekend of 17-18 September 2011.

Mattie Griffin (BMW F 800 R) says: “I’m very excited to be taking part this year – it’s a truly world-level event. I wasn’t ready to enter the competition last year as I’d just started developing my BMW F 800 R stunt bike, but now it’s absolutely ready for it. The standard of riding is going to be extremely high; there are a lot of new, young riders with phenomenal skills, so I’ve been working very hard to ensure I’m at the top of my game.

“I’ve been training and preparing my bike and spend a minimum of two hours every day riding to perfect my routines and tricks. I’ll be doing some of my trademark stunts, including no-handed wheelies and acrobatic tricks, as well as introducing some brand new ones which I’ve been working on!”

Mattie Griffin, 31, has been a motorcycle enthusiast from a young age. His riding career started on trials bikes, which first taught him the machine control and slow speed skills which are key to his stunt riding techniques today. Mattie took up stunt riding in 2004 and, in the same year, entered the World Stunt Riding Championship in the Czech Republic where he was ranked 14th out of the world’s top 50 riders.

Mattie was ranked fifth in the world at Street Bike Freestyle Riding in 2008 and 2009 and has performed at events including the Goodwood Festival of Speed as well as a range of shows and events across the UK. Mattie also develops and works on his own stunt bikes, and has said that building the bike in his workshop was almost as enjoyable as honing his stunt-riding skills.

Mattie Griffin says: “The majority of competitors will be on middleweight 600cc sportsbikes, while I’m riding my own BMW F 800 R naked roadster. My bike is going to be heavier than some, so it’ll be harder work, but the parallel twin motor is so smooth and has a lot of torque. The bike is also very nimble, which means I can do tricks that they can’t. I don’t know how I’ll do, but I’m working hard and I’m pleased just to be going up against some of the best riders in the world.”

Each rider will have just three and a half minutes in which to perform their tightly-choreographed routines. The judges aren’t looking for all-out speed; the riders will be judged on creativity, absolute machine control and their own distinctive, individual style and technique.

Fans will also have the opportunity to see Mattie performing at a range of events this year with his BMW F 800 R, including:

  • The National BikeSafe Show in Warwickshire on Sept. 4
  • The 20th Copdock Motorcycle Show in Ipswich on Oct. 4

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