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Many of us have learned that everyday footwear doesn’t hold up so well during a motorcycle crash.

My education arrived two years ago when I was visiting some family. I was only riding a few miles, so why sacrifice comfort with an all-out motorcycle boot? But upon returning home that day, a slow sportbike accident literally ripped my boots to shreds, the sole completely detaching from not one boot, but both.

After that accident, I had a need for protective footwear that would provide protection without sacrificing off-bike comfort or styling. I had my trial and error period until finally lacing up the Icon Superduty 4 motorcycle boots this past spring.

I’ve worn these on every daily ride since, and brought them along on a few over 2,000-mile touring trips. Throughout the months I’ve used them on the sportbikes, sport tourers, cruisers and even a few times off-road, and had nothing but luck.

First off the safety. The Icon Superduty 4 boots have everything my everyday boots didn’t have – internal ankle protection, slip-resistant rubber soles, and a mid-foot stabilizer strap with aluminum buckle. The latter not only helps retain the feet in the boots, but also keeps the laces hidden, preventing snags on the bike.

The Icon Superduty 4 motorcycle boots arrive with a steel shank in the sole, which is a thin layer of metal that provides additional stability/comfort while riding on footpegs. The Super Duty 4 boots don’t feature a steel toe, but contain a hardened piece to further protect in case of an accident, or the occasional debris that sometimes hit the feet while riding.

The outside of the boot also features a “shifter interface nub,” which engages the shift linkage without slippage; these also add a unique styling to the boots.

The boots kept my feet comfortable in hotter temps, mostly due to some airflow from the Icon Super Duty’s tongues. This airflow helps on warm days, but expect a bit of a cooling affect when the sun descends or if the temps dip below 65 degrees. Just hope for clear days without sustained rain…water protection is minimal.

Regarding wear, I have about 12,000-riding miles on the boots, which includes all the walking in between. They’ve shown minimal wear on the sole, and the upper leather remained strong, including the internal ankle support.

Speaking of styling, when worn with jeans the boots appear as fashionable as some designer boots. But with this styling arrives the comfort and protection needed for motorcyclists, whether visiting local family or out for a weekend trip.

The Icon Super Duty motorcycle boots UMC Verdict:

The Icon Super Duty motorcycle boots are designed for the everyday rider who doesn’t have the need (or storage) to carry an extra pair of boots/shoes when extensive walking is involved. The boot provides the real-world walking comfort and the protection needed for real-world riding, all for the budget-satisfying price of $90.

Icon Super Duty 4 Motorcycle Boot

  • Colors: Black, Brown, Tan
  • Sizes: 7-14
  • MSRP: $90

For additional information, visit Icon’s website.