2012 Kawasaki KX 250 F Release | Video

2012 Kawasaki KX 250 F

Kawasaki has been unstoppable in the 250 motocross class since the inception of the KX 250 in 2004, achieving multiple podiums.

And the Japanese marquee wants to continue this trend with the 2012 KX250F; the quarter-liter dirtbike was redesigned with more usable power, better handling and increased durability.

The highlights of the new KX 250 F is the fine-tuning adjustability of the suspension and engine, allowing racers to get that extra edge on the track.

For 2012, Kawasaki engineers sought to create a KX250F with even more impressive top-end performance, which they accomplished by equipping its Digital Fuel Injection (DFI) system with a second fuel injector -a first for use on production motocross bikes- located near the airbox intake.

The all-new "upstream" injector helps build a wider and more potent spread of power as rpm climbs. The two fine-mist atomizing injectors that feed the 250cc four-stroke powerplant are distinct in appearance with different body sizes, but deliver the same per-cycle capacity. Together, Kawasaki’s dual injectors pack a one-two punch, delivering a second dose of fuel on acceleration to increase the high-rpm power and over-rev capabilities of the KX250F.

Attached is a video from Kawasaki as the KX250F was unveiled to top dirt moto-journalists at the Ranch in Anza, Calif.


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