Freestone Motocross: Musquin Crash Update

2011 AMA Motocross

After his crash last week at Freestone MX in Wortham, Texas, Marvin Musquin had surgery on his hand and thumb Sunday, May 29, in Murietta, Calif.

Three metacarpals were broken Musquin’s hand, along with the thumb, so the surgeon, Dr Alexander, had to perform surgery – there was no other option.

Marvin Musquin (KTM Motocross) says: "I had a surgery on my hand, three metacarpals were broken. The surgeon put screws on each to close the fractures. He hesitated to put in a plate, and determined that that wasn’t necessary.

"For my thumb, it was a little bit different, I had an open fracture, that wasn’t beautiful to see … Fortunetely, the fracture was located at the joint under the nail and not at the biggest joint – that would have been worse. In my thumb, just a little plate was enough, no pins. My tendon was damaged, and that was the most uncomfortable. I have seen the surgeon now after the surgery – he was satisfied with the results, so I am too."

Marvin will have a cast for few days. But he can already move his fingers.

Marvin Musquin says: "The surgeon advised me to move my fingers as soon as possible, gently of course. I must remain vigilant with my thumb. The tendon is not yet reattached. After three to four weeks, I will be able to use my hand normally, both my bones and my tendon will be strong enough then.

"Waiting all of that, I can go anyway at the gym and work on my physical conditioning. It is too early to know about a comeback date – that will depend on how quickly the recovery will go."


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