Zero S Motorcycle: E-Bike of the Year

Zero Electric Motorbikes

When 13 leading European moto-journalist evaluated electric motorcycles during Clean Week 2020, one machine was chosen for the "e-Bike of the Year" award.

The choice? The Zero S e-bike from Zero Motorcycles. Called "the ecological heart of European mobility," the Zero S became the first electric motorcycle to win in the new category.

Scot Harden (Vice President of Global Marketing, Zero Motorcycles) says: "The team at Zero has worked incredibly hard to develop electric motorcycles that consumers can own today that set the bar in performance, quality and overall riding experience. We are extremely proud to have been recognized as the winner by the Clean Week 2020 journalists.

"This award highlights the innovation and enjoyment that Zero Motorcycles is bringing to owners around the world."

The second annual Clean Week 2020, which is an annual gathering that demonstrates advancements in electrical and hybrid techonology, was held at Circuit Zolder, where a variety of vehicles could be test driven and evaluated by journalists and consumers.

At last year’s event, the awards focused on automobiles. Recognizing growing public interest in two-wheeled electric vehicles, organizers added electric motorcycle categories to this year’s 2011 event.