Pennsylvania Sunday Motorcycle Sales?

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Motorcycle Legislation

Pennsylvania is one step closer to allowing its motorcycle dealerships to sell bikes on Sundays.

The bill, titled Senate Bill 419, was unanimously passed through the Pa. Senate last week, and now moves to the house, where bipartisan support is expected.

If passed, the bill will only allow motorcycle sales on Sundays, not car sales. Currently, it’s illegal for licensed motorcycle and car dealerships to sell bikes/vehicles on Sunday.

The bill was proposed by Sen. Tommy Tomlinson, R-Bucks County. He reports that Pennsylvania loses loads of business on Sundays, because customers head to other states to purchase motorcycles when the weekend arrives.

Sunday motorcycle sales are permitted in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and a few counties in Maryland. If the house passes this bill, Tomilnson says additional business will stay within the state’s borders.