MV Agusta: France is ‘Second Homeland’

Exotic Motorcycles

With all the rmarket changes occurring within the motorcycle industry, MV Agusta recently reorganized its world-wide dealer network.

During this process, MV Agusta learned France plays a “fundamental” role in the sale of the exotic Italian motorcycle brand. The company reports that France will double its year-to-year sales in 2011.

France, which MVA says is the “most important market in the world for large capacity sport and naked motorcycles,” currently has 26 certified dealerships, and seven authorized service stations for the brand, evenly dispersed throughout France.

Umberto Uccelli (MVA Commercial Director of the Group) says: “In 2011, for MV Agusta the French market will become the second most important in the world, rivalling the home market in Italy, with a sales volume of 600 units doubling the 2010 sales volumes. This strengthens the historical bond between the MV brand and the Motard country, which is a little bit like our second homeland.”

Claudio Rizzotto (MVA Associate in charge of the French market) says: “We’ve been able to create an important commercial network for the French market and with this expansion we have brought a little bit of our own culture. Together with our dealers we are preparing a series of sport and cultural events that will be announced soon.”

In addition to the dealerships that have been long time MV partners – in the heart of Paris, Tours, Tolosa, Borgogna and in the south of France (Avignone, Montpellier e Nimes) – new important dealerships have began a collaboration with MV Agusta including the retail outlets in Metz in the Lorena, Strasbourg, Mulhouse in Alsace, Nice, Saint Tropez, Marseilles and Bordeaux. And, last but not least, in Lyons, where a dedicated dealership is about to be inaugurated.