Jay Leno Adds Royal Enfield to Garage

Jay Leno Motorcycles

Once Royal Enfield motorcycles re-entered California dealerships, it was obvious who would soon have one in his garage – the star of NBC’s Tonight Show, Jay Leno.

The comedian, who has a vast collection of classical automobiles and motorcycles, recently took delivery of a 2011 Royal Enfield. The India bike was debuted today on Jay Leno’s Garage, a website and online video series dedicated to Leno’s car and motorcycle collection.

Jay Leno’s Garage features a review and test ride of the Royal Enfield Bullet.

According to Classic Motorworks, the official US Distributor of Royal Enfield Motorcycles (based in the UK), the new Royal Enfield was suggested for Leno’s collection by Mike Frankovich, owner of NoHo Scooters, a popular scooter shop and Royal Enfield dealership in North Hollywood.

When Royal Enfield re-entered the California market, Frankovich’s NoHo Scooters was among the first dealerships in the state to carry the historic brand’s new models.

Mike Frankovich says: “My dad and Leno were friends for many years and I got to know many of the mechanics at his garage. I was telling a mechanic about the new Royal Enfields and wondered aloud if Jay might be interested in one.”

Before long, Frankovich and Royal Enfield USA Vice President Ron Greene found themselves on site at Leno’s Big Dog Garage as several Royal Enfield Bullets were delivered from NoHo Scooters for their debut on Jay Leno’s Garage.

Ron Greene says: “It was a genuine pleasure working with Mr. Leno and his team,” Greene said after as filming wrapped up for the video feature. Greene also added, “Jay is a famous collector with famously discerning taste in classic automobiles. For that reason, I know he will enjoy his Royal Enfield and I couldn’t be more pleased to welcome as a Royal Enfield owner.”