Paughco: Chopper 6-Degree Raked Trees


Custom Motorcycle Parts

Paughco’s billet aluminum triple trees are designed to minimize handling, and front-end flop problems associated with altered front-end geometry aboard a custom motorcycle.

Specifically the 6-Degree Trees were developed to accommodate a number of their most popular chopper frames with 45-degree neck rake.

Used in conjunction with these “raked” frames and appropriate length extended front ends, the 6-degree offset provides near stock “trail” dimensions which in turn virtually eliminates radical front end flop aboard the motorcycle.

The first of an innovative line of billet aluminum products currently in the works at Paughco’s R&D department, the 6-Degree Trees are CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, polished and show chrome plated.

The new Chopper trees are currently available in Wide-Glide 6-degree configurations utilizing 41-millimeter fork tubes and Narrow-Glide with 3-degree for use with 39-millimeter tubes.

Paughco raked motorcycle trees run $500.95. For complete details call 775-246-5738 or check the web at