Husaberg Report: West Point AMA Enduro

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AMA National Enduro

Husaberg Factory riders Nick Fahringer and Mike Lafferty finished fourth and fifth overall in the fourth round of the AMA National Enduro Series held in West Point, Tenn.

This race, dubbed the “Rad Dad” National Enduro, provided a course that included all sorts of terrain but what remained the most consistent was the slick soil from rain earlier in the week.

Nick Fahringer (Husaberg) says: “Traditionally this race has been hot and dusty. This year they had several inches of rain before the race and it made the course very slippery and it was hard to find traction.”

Fahringer reported that it took him the first two sections to feel comfortable with the course and then in the third section he began putting it all together.

Nick Fahringer says: “I was much more relaxed in the third test and was able to settle down and let my bike do the work.”

His smooth pace and good line choice paid off in the third section when he came out with the fastest time winning that test.

Fahringer turned competitive times in the fourth and fifth test but lost momentum in the final test.

Nick Fahringer says: “Unfortunately, I tried to take a line between a few trees in the final test and got stuck between them. It took be about 30 seconds to get dislodged losing some valuable time.”

At the end of the day, Fahringer walked away with 4th overall. His teammate, Lafferty, had a consistent day turning times within the top five at each test to earn 5th overall.

Next Event: Bismark, AR – May 22, 2011

West Point AMA National Enduro Overall Results –
1) Russell Bobbitt
2) Charlie Mullins
3) Cory Buttrick
4) Nick Fahringer – HSB
5) Mike Lafferty -HSB
6) Andrew Delong
7) Shane Hufford
8) Brad Bakken
9) Cole Kirkpatrick
10) Morgan Moss

AMA National Enduro Overall Point Standings –
1) Russell Bobbitt – 108
2) Charlie Mullins – 95
3) Cory Buttrick – 81
4) Nick Fahringer – 75
5) Brad Bakken – 68
6) Mike Lafferty – 512011-husaberg-report-west-point-ama-enduro 2