Kawasaki’s Baggett Lites Daytona SX

Daytona SX Lites

Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Blake Baggett earned his first win of the season in dominating fashion as he led wire-to-wire and finished 15 seconds in front of second place at the 2011 Daytona Supercross Lites race at Daytona International Speedway. Teammate Dean Wilson overcame a rough start and a minor crash to finish eighth.

Baggett already has a Supercross Lites win on his resume when he won in Dallas last season, but this victory seemed almost as special. A win in the main boosted his confidence and Baggett was ready to tackle the demanding Daytona SX track. He shot out to grab the holeshot and put in fast lap after fast lap to win by a very comfortable 15 seconds.

Blake Baggett (Kawasaki KX 250 F) says: "Winning last year was amazing, but it was almost over-shadowed by people saying I only won because everyone crashed," comments the Kawasaki Lites rider. "This win felt so good and I think I proved that I am here to win a championship. I want to keep doing what I’m doing because I know its working. I’ll be looking for another win next week."

Supercross Lites teammate Dean Wilson started the day with the second-fastest lap time and looked capable on the technical and long track. He got off to a mid-pack start and after going down on the second lap, Wilson regrouped and put in a solid ride to finish eighth.

Dean Wilson (Kawasaki KX 250 F) says: "I am not very happy because I want to win and know that I can win," explains the Supercross Lites rider. "I just made a few mistakes that cost me. I need to make sure I get a good start so I don’t put myself in a bad position right from the beginning of the race. I am very motivated to come out strong in Indianapolis."

The Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team heads to the Indianapolis this weekend as the Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM Championship enters the fourth round of the AMA Supercross Lites Eastern Region.

Baggett currently holds second in the East SX Lites point standings with 65, only four points behind first. Wilson is not far behind in third with 60 points.