Daytona AMA Supersport: Rispoli iReport

AMA Supersport

In this iReport, AMA Supersport rider James Rispoli discusses his training regimes and previews the upcoming season that begins at Daytona International Speedway next weekend.

Hi everyone, here is my Daytona pre-season racer report. I have been doing a lot of work and training in the off season and I know you have all seen the wonderful new sponsors we have earned for this seasons support. The combination of ANT Racing Motorsports, Starr School, SHAKTI Warriors, National Guard, PEI, Monster Energy and Techmounts have all come together to invest in me and my team ANT Racing Motorsports so we could go racing like a professional team.

This is the first season we will be able to make every round without skimping on tires, equipment for bikes, spares and mechanics. It is very exciting and we all can’t wait to get to the Daytona and start the season off.

Since New Years I have been training on and off the track. I have been to California to train with my sponsor and mentor Jason Pridmore. Jason and his partner have been coaching me on the track with body position.

I have invested two solid days on just learning how to pick the bike up and exit the corner. This is so important since I have been having problems last year exiting corners and spinning up the rear tire. Hopefully the new techniques will help me pick up a couple of 10ths here and there on the track which will translate into to running up front and possible winning this season.

I have also been cycling a lot having moved to Florida for most of the winter months. I have been staying with one of my two mechanics Ryan "bubbles" Kelly and with perfect Florida weather I have been able to get out and ride my road racing bicycle or head out to the trails with my mountain bike.

I have also been adding some running to my regime and all of this activity has been trimming down body fat and increasing my endurance so I can hit the season in the best shape of my life.

While I have been in Florida I have been working with my new sponsor Techmounts who is now building ANT Racing Motorsports some rear sets with some very cool features. We will unveil the new product at Daytona and think we are going to get an awesome response.

While I am talking about Techmounts, I had the privilege to head to the Indy dealer show with them and travel in their private business jet. Talk about first class! It was awesome to travel like this and I it was another awesome FUN experience.

Mike and Dee the owners of Techmounts and their daughter Jessica have an awesome family run business and are just great down to earth people. It’s great working with them and I am excited to do whatever I can to help generate business and good will for their organization.

Speaking about the Indy show, that was awesome as well. I worked with the folks from Techmounts but also met my sponsor Lane Jabaay, CEO and Founder of Healthy Heroes, and the SHATKI Warrior brand. Lane is another awesome sponsor and we set up meetings with AMA Pro Racing so discussions could take place about why Healthy Heroes was interested in AMA Pro Racing as a marketing vehicle and what kind of co-marketing we could do together during the season.

Meanwhile I was asked by the AMA Pro Racing to participate in several autograph signing sessions at the Indy show which went really well and my sponsor Monster Energy supplied me with over 1,000 hero cards to sign and hand out.

At the Indy show we also touched base with all our sponsors companies like MotionPro, Leo Vince, MOTOREX, AGV helmets and Dianese leathers, Dynajet, ANT Racing Motorsports, K&N, DP Brakes, Suzuki and more. In addition we are working with Ultra Graphics, DrippinWet and Victory Circle graphics for our CRF 450.

This week we are getting all the last minute things together. The bikes are done and dyno’d and all the parts have showed up for spares and more. We head out on Tuesday so we could move in on Wednesday. My dad will be here this year and I am really excited about that. Last year he had health problems that kept him from participating. The rest of my team shows up Wednesday morning too.

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