Repsol Suter Moto2 Machine in Detail

Suter Moto2 Video

In this Spanish video, rookie rider Marc Marquez is analyzing his new Moto2 race bike, that will accompany him in the 2011 MotoGP racing season, in detail.

A complete review of the parts of a Suter motorcycle very different from the one two-stroke bike used by the Repsol rider to become the 125cc GP World Champion last year.

In Moto2, a class where all riders use the same 600cc Honda-spec engine, as the race organizers deliver them sealed, thousandths must be snatched to gain an edge by taking care of every detail.

These details go from the selection of the suspensions, brakes or exhaust suppliers to the fairing design, in this case, tailor-made in the wind tunnel for the Repsol rider.

Nevertheless, it is on the chassis were the main differences are found. Marc Marquez and his team selected a Suter chassis, as the Swiss constructor already proved last year its great potential and evolution capability.

There are also significant changes compared to the 125 bikes, i.e. in the tire size. In Moto2 they are significantly wider and that forces to use a bigger swingarm.

To make the most of his possibilities when tackling this challenge, Emilio Alzamora’s pupil is taking advantage of the winter break to follow a physical training program with the objective to gain strength and improve his control over a much heavier bike than the one from last season.

Marquez completed his preparation by training in other disciplines, such as motocross or mountain bike, although the Repsol rider is already eager to put on his racing suit again and continue his adaptation work for the 2011 MotoGP season.