MV Agusta Corse Cannonball

MV Agusta Brutale

Although we welcomed the civilizing touches that MV Agusta bestowed on its new Brutale 1090RR, many riders-especially track day junkies-may feel the need for even more horsepower and a sharper delivery from the legendary marque’s flagship naked bike.

Offered by MV Agusta Corse for "racing use only," the new Cannonball kit takes the Brutale 1099 and re-establishes its remarkable hooligan credentials, as well as making it a competitive track bike.

"The interventions are targeted, the objectives are very clear: increasing the performance, making the bike even lighter and fully exploiting its technology," according to a company spokesman. "The new technical components enable the Brutale Cannonball to excel on the track."

MV Agusta’s Cannonball kit incorporates serious changes to the powerplant, including a new ECU, cylinder head, camshafts, valves, as well as a titanium exhaust system that now exits the bike near the rider’s right footpeg, rather than the now-removed passenger pegs. The claimed power increase is staggering.

Adding 21 horses to the standard 1090RR’s stable, the Cannonball cranks out 140 horsepower at 9000 rpm, picking that up to 160 horses just 1000 rpm later, and hitting a 165 horsepower maximum before signing off. Torque is not compromised, as it still pulls almost 83 ft/lbs. For an unfaired bike, these are serious numbers.

"The objective of the highest performance has not given a back seat to the traditional care that MV Agusta dedicates to design and attention to detail," according to MV Agusta.

Further personalization of the Brutale Cannonball is possible, thanks to MV Agusta’s carbon fiber accessories, including a tail section, lower fairing, and fenders, as well as guards for the radiator, chain, and headlamps.

Weight can be saved and appearance enhanced by aluminum wheels, footpeg mounts, levers, bar ends, and gas cap.

Click to watch the official launch video fo the MV Agusta Brutale 990R and 1090RR motorcycle.


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