In Spain, 50cc Scooters Rain (Up 9.6%)

Motorcycling in Spain

Scooters larger than 125cc have become a nice solution for moving around modern Spanish cities and built-up areas, this is in spite of the negative sales figures that were recorded for this niche, and the sector in general, last year.

Although it has not escaped unscathed from the economic crisis scooters larger than 50cc became the first two-wheeled choice for the public in 2010, according to the report that was recently published by ANESDOR, Spain's motorbike and scooter manufacturers association.

As can be seen from the figures in the report, last year the scooter niche was the only one to grow overall (+9.6%), this is in stark contrast to the fall in sales of road and off-road bikes. The aggregate for last year was a total of 135,144 motorbikes of all types sold in Spain, compared to the 133,766 registered in 2009.

Even so, and in spite of the good health of the scooter niche in Spain, 2010 continued with the trend seen in the two previous years, and ended with a 4.7%, fall in the sales of two-wheeled vehicles compared to 2009. Since the latest economic crisis began the sector has experienced a fall in sales of 57.2%.

In Spain, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, regulates the granting of subsidies for purchase of mopeds and motorcycles, in which Plan Moto-E grants are aimed at increasing sales.

Moreover, according to forecasts made by ANESDOR, the Plan Moto-E scrapping subsidy had a very positive impact on sales in the first six months of the year, and it is no surprise or coincidence that around 10% of all operations took advantage of the scheme.


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