Leatt debuts Sportbike Neck Brace

Motorcycle Safety

Leatt has been a U.S. leader in motocross neck protection market since its release in 2006, with the exception of the street bike and sportbike markets. Due to body positioning and gear selection, the current GPX models have not been widely worn by the street and sport motorcycle riders.

Understanding the need for neck protection, for all motorcycle riders, the Leatt Corporation has developed the STX Brace. The STX is the world’s only sportbike specific neck brace. The Leatt STX Brace will be unveiled at the Indianapolis Dealer Expo at 10am on Friday, Feb. 18, 2011 in booth #2017, and on display for the remainder of the weekend.

The STX brace has a radically different design, to accommodate a speed hump or back protector, which maybe standard equipment on street and track riders jackets or leathers. Sportbike riders will also immediately notice lower front and rear table assemblies, which provide ample range of motion, while in a full-tuck or looking through a turn.

The STX Brace will be available to retail motorcycle customers in April of 2011; the STX is offered in three sizes, two color options, and will retail for $395-$410.

Leatt’s testing facility is designed to develop motorcycle neck protection products. With a medical doctor, Mr. Chris Leatt, and a team of biomedical engineers on staff, you can be confident that the STX brace, and all Leatt products, are produced with rider safety in mind.

"Leatt has sold well over half a million motorcycle neck braces and is proud of how many potential injuries we’ve saved off road riders from," says Phil Davy, Leatt Corporation General Manager.

"We are now very excited to be offering the street riders a specifically designed neck brace and hope to add many more riders to the list of saved by Leatt motorcyclists."

For more information, please visit www.Leatt.com


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