Stunter 13: Freestyle Sportbike Short

Motorcycle Stunt Videos

As motorcycle stunt riding ascends in popularity, so does YouTube, featuring more and more videos of amateur stunt riders. From shaky cameras to full-out produced videos, the popularity of freestyle sportbike riding is evident.

And although America is filled with stunters that have edged into pop culture such as Jason Britton and his Team No Limit, the overseas freestyle-sportbike lifestyle is just as intense.

One rider who continues to impress with his insane stunting style is Raphael "13" Pasierbek of Poland, better known as Stunter 13.

In this self-produced 11-minute YouTube video, "Road 2 Energy," Pasierbek shows off his freestyle sportbike moves.

Raphael Pasierbek says: "So at the outset I would like to thank everyone for taking those 11 minutes and watch my long edited video. Along with filming the whole production took me about 6 months time. We know – I’m not a professional Movie Maker, so I was doing it so slowly. I wanted to make the movie look like a polished production.

Pasierbek, who is sponsored by Shift, performs many dynamic combos, different from the styles in the US. And he sets off the video by quoting one of the most notorious man in history, one who always pops up in Pop Culture: the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee.