e-Power & TTXGP: Rent a eCRP 1.4

Electric Motorcycle Racing

The opening of the 2011 TTXGP season is almost here. Teams and riders interested in participating in the FIM e-Power Championship and TTXGP can submit a request for booking an eCRP1.4, the motorcycle that gained the title of European Champion and Vice World Champion.

The eCRP 1.4 is available under the option of renting for all teams that will participate in the electric championships of TTXGP and e-Power FIM as follows:

  • to participate in the 1st race of the e-Power FIM, BOOK YOUR eCRP 1.4 NO LATER than Monday Feb. 28, 2011
  • to participate in the 1st race of the TTXGP EU, BOOK YOUR eCRP 1.4 NO LATER than Monday March 28, 2011

Please bear in mind that the renting option also provides the assignment of a TUTOR that helps you on track to set your eCRP 1.4, in order to perform the motorcycle at its best.

Among the technical features of eCRP1.4 there are:

- Datalogger and sensors with built-in GPS and regulation maps
- New racing dashboard
- 2 Motors 2011 52Kw with integrated air cooling
- Batteries: optimized configuration available for both classes TTXGP
- Racing cast aluminium double beam frame
- Aluminium swing arm
- Front swing arm Marzocchi
- OHLINS Hydraulic progressive shock absorber
- Double Floating Braking Wave disk
- Single Braking Wave disk
- Double 4 pistons radial "Brembo" caliper
- Marchesini wheel rims / OZ forged Aluminium
- Weight: Depending on configuration, from 160 to 180kgs.
- Maximum speed: Depending on setting, it can be up to 220km/h

For more information please contact CRP Racing at 0039 059 821135, or write an email to info@crp.eu.


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