Supersport: Techmounts Sponsors Ant Racing

AMA Supersport News

Mike and Dee Lee, owners of High Gear Specialties, the company behind the Techmounts brand, is pleased to announce an associate sponsorship of AMA Pro Racing team ANT Racing Motorsports and rider James Rispoli.

Since 1995, Techmounts has been crafting specialty products for the motorcycle and powersports markets. As riders and enthusiasts, they created the original Techmounts stem stand out of our own desire to have a beautiful, highly functional system for mounting accessories on our own motorcycles.

Techmounts manufacture and assemble our products in our Central Florida facility with a goal of meeting or exceeding the quality of other OEM motorcycle components. The company has succeeded as they now manufacture exclusive product lines for some of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

The company is expanding to supply products for ATVs, snowmobiles, and marine and watercraft applications by popular demand.

Dee Lee says: "We are all very excited to be an associate sponsor for ANT Racing for 2011. This is a grass roots team that is building momentum in a sport of giants and we certainly can relate to such an effort.

"Their rider James "the Rocket" Rispoli visited our shop after his Daytona tire test and we really enjoyed his down to earth personality and his desire to be the best he could be. I think together we’re going to make a great team."

James Rispoli (AMA Supersport) says: "I had a blast at Dee and Mike’s shop last week. What an awesome operation they have and they are the nicest people too. I’m thrilled they want to be a part of our team’s success in 2011 and with their help I know it will make a difference. I also look forward to supporting their product marketing efforts this year starting with the Indy dealer show. It’s going to be so cool!"

David Ashi (ANT Racing) says: "Techmounts supported our team a little last season however for 2011 they have really come forward to show their appreciation and support and we are delighted to have them on board and along for the ride."

About High Gear Specialties
High Gear Specialties and its Techmounts brand have been in business since 1995. The company manufactures exclusive product lines for some of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Owned and operated by motorcycle enthusiasts, the company goal has always been to meet or surpass the quality of other OEM motorcycle components. Our motto is DON’T hide it, tape it, weld it, wire it, pocket it, bag it, bury it, glue it, drop it or lose it….TechMount it!