Honda Supercross: Windham to Phoenix

2011 AMA Supercross

Veteran Supercross rider Kevin Windham is ready to kick up his game Saturday in Phoenix after a sixth-place result last weekend in Anaheim. Calif.

The living Supercross legend is the lead dog on a GEICO Honda team that also features Lites riders Eli Tomac and Jimmy DeCotis, who replaced the injured Wil Hahn.

Kevin Windham (Honda Supercross) says: "I was a little unhappy in my performance last weekend (Anaheim 1), but I’m excited that I have to opportunity to rebound in just a few days Phoenix. To get through the season opener is tough and I’m glad it’s behind us. Now we can settle down and ride."

Although Windham rode a good Supercross race by most standards, last year’s runner-up to the championship would like to use Round 2 as a way to improve his position in the points standings. Windham knows he can ride the Honda CR450F stronger and will have to if he wants to battle for this year’s crown.

Kevin Windham says: "The competition this year is deep. I’m really excited to get to back on the bike because I think we can do a lot better than we did in Anaheim, and we really need to. You have to stay on it from the start because there are too many hungry riders out there ready to run away with it."

Windham is not only looking forward to getting on his GEICO Honda Supercross machine again he’s also looking forward to competing at a track where he’s had success in the past.

Kevin Windham says: "I’ve done well there before so it’s always a good city for me. I have a few friends in Phoenix, and the crowd is always great. It’s a fun city. Just the fact that we’ve done well there before let’s us head in there with high expectations."

The GEICO Honda Supercross team’s newest member, 19-year-old DeCotis, will be making his first appearance of the 2011 season as a fill-in rider for Hahn, who was injured in Anaheim.

Jimmy DeCotis says: "I haven’t stopped smiling. It’s really, really exciting. I was nervous on the plane ride out but once I got on this GEICO Honda it felt great.

"I’m kind of glad about getting thrown right into a race because when you’re waiting and waiting for the season to start the anticipation is just too much sometimes. Now I don’t have time to worry; I just need to go out there and race."

DeCotis, who is sponsored by Zielfelder’s Factory Connection Suspension company and was prepping to ride Lites East, is very excited to be part of the GEICO group.

Jimmy DeCotis says: "This team is incredible and everyone is so supportive of me. It’s an honor to be a part of it. I’ve had little sponsors in the past but nothing at the level like GEICO. They’re big time.

"Mike (LaRocco, team manager) has been talking to me, telling me what to expect out there. I know I just need to ride and not worry about what anyone is thinking or saying. I need to be patient, stay in control, and have fun. Mike said there’s no pressure but it’s hard to ignore. I want to take full advantage of this chance. I want to do well."

Supercross rookie Tomac is thoroughly enjoying his first season in Supercross and can’t wait to get out to Phoenix. Tomac turned pro last summer and rode the outdoors circuit.

Eli Tomac says: "I’m ready to get out there again and race with everyone. So far I really like Supercross. The riding is great and the fans are awesome."

Tomac, who finished 10th in the opening round, used the week before to practice things he learned he needed to improve during the weekend in southern California.

Eli Tomac says: "I did like a thousand starts today because all of a sudden my starts were off last weekend. I think we got them figured out now so we should be better for the Phoenix race."

The main event of the 2011 AMA Supercross season begins at 7 p.m. PST, Saturday, at Chase Field in Phoenix, with gates opening at 12:30 p.m.