Shorai: Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Motorcycle Battery

Shorai’s new line of lightweight high-performance Lithium Batteries for the powersports market means an end to the heavy OEM and replacement, high maintenance, caustic acid Lead batteries of the past.

Shorai Lithium Batteries with its Lithium Ion Storage Cells and a Carbon Fiber Case offers a major weight savings over conventional lead acid batteries. That directly relates to better acceleration, braking and handling performance on any vehicle including Dirt and Street Motorcycles, ATVs and Personal Watercraft, and especially for Sportbike riding and the Race Track use.

A typical Shorai Lithium Battery weighs less than 2 pounds, some 8 pounds lighter than a comparable Lead Acid Battery.

For a similar low Lead Acid Battery replacement cost of just around $130 retail, you are saving as much weight as a $3,000 pair of carbon fiber racing wheels, while improving performance just as much.

Plus there is no maintenance with a Shorai Lithium Battery: no fluid refills, acid spills and acid venting, no necessary trickle charging when parked for long periods of time. These Li Batteries also offer more cranking amps for high compression engines, and a significantly longer working life.

And all these major benefits of Shorai Lithium Battery are provided at a retail price no more than a traditional lead acid replacement battery. And it’s Environmentally friendly, just discharge and dispose! The Shorai Lithium Battery is the most significant new product to offered to the industry in years!

Shorai Batteries are sold retail and dealer direct from their website at