Flat Track: Coolbeth & Bazzaz Partnership

AMA Flat Track News

The 2011 AMA Flat Track Schedule has been recently announced, and the racers are preparing for the first race of the season during the annual Bike Week event in Daytona Beach, Fla., March 10.

Past Grand National Champion Kenny Coolbeth will board a Chaplin Kawasaki KX450F with Bazzaz Performance.

The Bazzaz electronics will allow Coolbeth to ensure he is getting the most usable power from his Flat Track machine at any race and in any environment. When the Z-Fi MX fuel controller is used in conjunction with the Z-AFM self tuner it allows Coolbeth to quickly and easily fine tune his machine for any environment or condition based on his individual riding style, temperature, altitude, fuel type, and engine build.

Recently, Coolbeth utilized said components during a testing session and found the changes to be significant.

Kenny Coolbeth says: "I was pleasantly surprised of the impact Bazzaz will have on the Chaplin Kawasaki this year, it worked and I am very excited for the season to launch."

Coolbeth will compete in eight events under the Chaplin Kawasaki/Bazzaz banner at Daytona Beach, Florida (2), Salinas, California, Springfield, Illinois (2), Castle Rock, Washington and Peoria, Illinois.

About Bazzaz: Ammar Bazzaz decided to start Bazzaz, Inc. in an effort to fill this need in the racing market, with the ultimate goal of bringing high level technology and knowledge to all levels of racers and motorcycle enthusiasts. Bazzaz has been instrumental in its implementation, tuning, and application for over 10 years.

Completing its second expansion in the last three years, Bazzaz now operates out of an 8,500 sq. ft facility in Chino, CA housing both R&D as well as manufacturing operations. Bazzaz has been designing and tuning high performance engine management products for the top tier of motorcycle racing since its inception.


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