Weise Tex: Winter Motorcycle Apparel

Winter Motorcycle Gear

Weise Tex is a new range of high performance mid-layers, designed to keep riders warm and comfortable during winter rides.

Keeping cozy on the bike can be tricky; low ambient temperatures combined with the effects of wind chill can make even the shortest journey unpleasant and, in some cases, can distract the rider from the job in hand.

The Weise Tex range features a tri-laminate construction with a tough and tightly woven stretch fabric on the outside, a waterproof and breathable membrane in the middle and cozy micro-fleece liner on the inside.

This three-layer system acts as a barrier against wind chill and water ingress, insulates from low temperatures and allows the skin to breath, helping to prevent the build-up of perspiration.

Weise Tex is also thin and flexible, allowing freedom of movement on and off the bike, and flat seams are used throughout for a smooth fit.

The Weise Tex range includes: Fleece £69.99 ($108), Trousers £47.99 ($75), Shirt £57.99 ($90), Gloves £16.99 ($26), Neck Tube £15.99 ($25), Balaclava £17.99 ($27) and a Turtleneck £16.99 ($26); all are fully machine washable and come in a range of unisex sizes. All prices are suggested retail (including VAT).

For detailed information on each product and the complete WEISE range of rider apparel and accessories, call 0117 9719200 or visit: weise-clothing.co.uk.


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