Grip Ace: Motorcycle Switch Controls

Remote Digital Switches

Whenever people told Grip Ace inventor, and motorcycle enthusiast, Timothy Ledford that something couldn’t be done he just went out and did it himself.

We live in a world going digital, why not make the switches for motorcycles digital? He started thinking about what he could do to change the way motorcycle switches are used. Of all the incredible improvements in motorcycle design and performance over the last 4 decades there has been no significant changes made to the switches on motorcycles.

What if you built digital switches into the left hand grip, so everyone can reach their switches, regardless of hand size? He started asking around and the response was overwhelmingly negative. The most common response was "… If you put the switches in the grip then what’s stopping you from accidentally activating the switches while riding?"

Timothy started researching the concept and physiology of the hand when grasping and holding an object.

He studied the pressure points of his hands while riding his motorcycles. The conclusion of his research showed that in a natural gripping position for motorcycle riding that there are only 3 points of contact. Position the switches underneath the joint at the tip of the fingers and the switches will not be activated accidentally. The concept for the Grip Ace system was born.

The multi patented Grip Ace adds self-canceling turn signals and hazards lights to motorcycles not equipped. The riding safety for many riders will be increased because the rider maintains positive control of the motorcycle while activating the turn signals, horn and hi/lo beams switches. Custom motorcycles builders have embraced the Grip Ace because they can removes all the excess wires and switches from the handlebars, allowing for the ultra cool streamlined look and be legal.

In addition to the standard functions like starter, turn signals, hi/lo beam, hazard lights and horn. The system can be programmed to control accessories like air ride systems, L.E.D lights, and so on.

The Grip Ace switches can be custom fitted to most billet grips or even customized for handlebars. The Grip Ace retail price is $389.00. For more details please visit the website