Brock’s Jeremy Toye on Macau GP Podium

2010 Macau Grand Prix

Brock’s Performance, the exclusive North American distributor for BST Wheels, would like to congratulate Jeremy Toye on his podium finish at the legendary Macau Grand Prix, Saturday, November 20.

Toye, racing the Lee’s Cycles Racing BMW S1000RR, emerged on top in a furious Macau GP battle for third place at the famed street race on board the Roadracing World project bike.

Toye, competing in his sixth Macao Grand Prix, became the first American to finish on the podium at the Macau Grand Prix in 10 years.

Jeremy Toye says: "I don’t even know where to start, I’m so happy. With the competition here, any weaknesses in your program will show. All weekend, we were near the top of the board. With the open rules for this race, we tried to build a Learjet on two wheels and the team put together a great bike for me."

"Being able to run with guys like (Stuart) Easton and (Michael) Rutter was amazing. To be able to do lap times in their realm was almost as good as getting the podium."

After a red flag, Toye found himself in third place once again, but some technical issues caused him to play it safe for the middle portions of the race.

Toye had to concede a position, but he was able to rally and close on third in the final laps. On the final time around the 3.8-mile circuit, the 39 year-old made a pass and he was able to hold the position to the line.

Jeremy Toye says: "This is one of those places were you can’t go into the boxing ring and start swinging if you have a problem. I lost third, but the gap settled down. I really concentrated and tried to see what I could do. I got smoother and smoother and built on it. The lap times came down and so did the gap."

"I was able to make a move on the last lap. I was so, so wide going into Lisboa. I used every dirt track skill and motard skill I had to hold it together. In the race, I did the best lap I’d ever done here by a wide margin and that was important to me."

Toye was the top-finishing BMW rider in the race.

Brock Davidson (Brock’s Performance) says: "We know how much the race meant to Jeremy. The thing that really got me was seeing a photo of him on the podium as they were hoisting the American flag. He’d raced there before and you could really see the sense of accomplishment on his face."

"The competition was very formidable in Macau with race teams from all over the world there to give it their best. Congratulations go out to Jeremy and his crew and everyone involved with the program for a fine performance."

The unique Macau Grand Prix features both two- and four-wheel racing. Beginning in 1954 with cars, motorcycles were added to the bill in 1967. Racing luminaries such as Kevin Schwantz, Carl Fogarty, and Steve Hislop have won the event in the past.

Brock’s Performance has sponsored Toye and the Lee’s Cycles racing team with BST carbon fiber wheels this season.

Brock Davidson says: "Jeremy is a die-hard racer and every ounce of performance matters to him. The stock BMW wheels are one of the lightest out there, but Jeremy is able to use the seven-pound difference with BST wheels and tune his suspension to his advantage."

Jeremy Toye says: "Brock’s Performance stepped up huge after we’d crushed a bunch of their product and gave us the really nice carbon fiber wheels with the ceramic bearings,.".

Brock Davidson says: "Before the race at Macau, Jeremy had an unfortunate crash that damaged a set of his BST wheels. BST wheels are totally repairable and we’d sent his set out to be fixed but they hadn’t returned yet."

"Jeremy flat-out told me, ‘I don’t even want to go without a backup set of BSTs.’ I think that speaks for itself on the quality our product and we sent him a new set so he’d be as prepared as possible."

BST wheels are available directly from and are also sold through Tucker Rocky dealers in the United States.


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