2011 Supercross: LeoVince Sponsorships

2011 Supercross

LeoVince USA released its new Off-Road X3 Carbon Fiber Works exhaust systems just a few months ago and now are getting ready for a Supercross debut at Anaheim 1.

The new exhaust system has quickly gained momentum and is being lauded by riders, professional racers and magazine reviews as one of the quality Carbon Fiber products available.

With this newfound notoriety, LeoVince USA's Racing Manager Ted Campbell has added many new off-road riders and teams for 2010.

We are proud to announce that Eleven10 Mods / Renegde Fuels - with riders Darryn Durham, Alex Martin and Brandon Mays - and BTO Sports/BBMX - with riders Michael Byrne and Jason Thomas will be our first two teams to secure sponsorship for the 2011 Supercross season on LeoVince X3 Carbon Fiber Components.

Tim Calhoun, Executive Vice President of LeoVince USA believes that the X3 Carbon Fiber range and SBK Carbon Fiber range -currently being developed - will be the fastest sales expansion lines added in 2011, a year already stacked with nine new product lines being introduced by LeoVince.

He states, "We are excited to be partnering with both of these teams to bring our Carbon Fiber Works Products to the Supercross arena. We have been expanding our carbon fiber development over the last five years from heat shields to the current offering of full bike kits."

"LeoVince's quality of material and build shines through and I believe with teams like these rapidly adopting our brand as the product of choice we will see great growth in this product line. Our initial projections based on this year's growth have 2011 unfolding as a banner year for LeoVince USA."

Look for further announcements on 2011 LeoVince X3 Off-road sponsorships and 2011 LeoVince SBK sponsorships in the coming weeks.


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