Million Dollar Harley by Armstrong | Video

Jack Armstrong Harley

The man who made Pop Art famous, Andy Warhol, called artist Jack Armstrong the "Last Wizard."

And after Arostrong painted a V-Rod he nick-named "Cosmic Starship" that’s for sale at Bartels’ Harley-Davidson in Marina Del Rey, Calif., the artist said "Andy Warhol would have loved it."

This video shows the official Red Carpet launch of this Cosmic Starship that’s for sale for a whopping $1.1 million at Bartels’ H-D, which sells many motorcycles to celebrities. In the YouTube video, Armstrong talks about his creation, and how Warhol would have been proud.

Fittingly, actor Lorenzo Lamas (Renegade) rode the custom V-Rod into Bartel’s main showroom during the press launch. The Million-Dollar Harley will be on display there for the rest of the month.

About Bartels’ Harley-Davidson; Bartels’ Harley has been a family run Harley dealer to the stars since 1983. Glenn Alan Bartels (fourth born of Bill Bartels’ six sons), an avid art collector, operates Bartels’ Route 66 Cycle Boutique, whose private collection feature vintage roadsters, motorcycles, Vespa scooters, and bicycles for sale to the public.


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