2011 Aprilia Shiver GT 750 | Preview

2011 Shiver GT 750

For 2011 Aprilia is expanding their Shiver line-up with the addition of the GT 750. The popular middleweight gets a wind tunnel developed half-fairing to protect rider and passenger, making it a legitimate GT (Gran Turismo) capable of long hauls on motorways.

As a smaller displacement sport motorcycle with an upright seating position the Aprilia Shiver is highly versatile, making it a solid candidate for commuting, traveling, or just plain sport riding.

An added feature of the new fairing are two glove compartments (one which is lockable) and a handy 12V-plug for recharging cell phones and running a GPS.

The Aprilia Shiver GT 750 motorcycle is saddled with an electronically fuel-injected, liquid-cooled 749.9cc 90-degree V-twin. The double overhead camshafts, which operate 4-valves per cylinder, are put into motion with a unique mixed gear/chain timing system.

The plant produces 95 hp at 9,000 rpm. Maximum torque is 8.25 kgm (59.6 ft-lbs) at 7,000 rpm, giving the Shiver respectable bottom end. All of this comes courtesy a 2nd generation ride-by-wire throttle system (technology refined in World SBK) with 3 mapping configurations controlled directly by the motorcycle rider.

The three-part system is segregated into Sport, Touring, and Rain settings, allowing the rider to tailor the power delivery to applicable riding and weather conditions.

The Shiver’s chassis is a combination of tubular steel blended with aluminum side plates for better mating surfaces at critical engine mount points for increased torsional strength. The aluminum swingarm has received added bracing for rigidity and works off an adjustable, laterally mounted single shock. Inverted 43mm forks handle the front end.

Front brakes (dual 320mm stainless steel discs) have radial-mounted calipers (4-piston) with metal braided lines standard. Optional two-channel ABS is available (always a good idea for touring motorcycles when you’re very likely to be traveling in inclement weather in unfamiliar places).

Aprilia hasn’t spent all their time just on the performance of the Shiver, being Italian the manufacturer has infused the Shiver GT 750 with sporting, attractive lines that contribute to an overall attractive aesthetic.

The Shiver GT possesses a kind of regal stance, an elegance that appeals to the discerning motorcyclist. The tank/seat/ tail section has been made more compact, helping to make the rider feel as though they are directly in the center of the bike.

The GT 750cc V-twin powerplant (Aprilia’s signature configuration) provides a generous torque curve to help eliminate the need for constant gear changes. This is a welcome trait for a touring motorcycle, where the riding may be more relaxed, and also for newer riders who don’t need to concentrate as much on gear changes.

This isn’t to say the Aprilia Shiver is a timid motorcycle. In the right hands the sport bike works exceptionally well. The 2011 Aprilia Shiver GT 750, designed as a versatile motorcycle that retains the thrill of the company’s strong motorcycle racing heritage.