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Sofuoglu: A Supersport Season Dissected

World Supersport

Once more the Supersport World Championship went to the final round of the year, and the rider who won the title, for the second time, was Kenan Sofuoglu (Hannspree Ten Kate Honda).

Sofuoglu’s first championship came in very different, much more dominant circumstances, in 2007, when he won the overall series with three rounds left to run. He also won eight races that year, an equal record in this class.

This year, Kenan was pushed to the final race of the season by contender for the second year in succession, Eugene Laverty (Parkalgar Honda), who missed out by 11-points.

In winning his second title, Kenan joined a true elite. Sebastien Charpentier (2005 and 2006) and Andrew Pitt (2001 and 2008) are the only other riders who have won two championships.

Kenan extended his record win total in 2010, his three victories pushing his stats to 17. He has an even more impressive career record of 39 podium places in this class, truly class leading as he has only started 56 races, making for an incredibly impressive rate of podium scoring.

His feat of scoring a podium in every race in 2010 is a remarkable one, for rider and team, and this combination of reliability and speed was what it took in the end to beat a rider like Laverty, who won no fewer than eight races this year.

2010 World Supersport Final Standings:

  1. Kenan Sofuoglu, Honda 263
  2. Eugene Laverty, Honda 252
  3. Joan Lascorz, Kawasaki 168
  4. Chaz Davies, Triumph 153
  5. Michele Pirro, Honda 99
  6. David Salom, Triumph 99
  7. Robbin Harms, Honda 98
  8. Massimo Roccoli, Honda 84
  9. Gino Rea, Honda 83
  10. Katsuaki Fujiwara, Kawasaki 81
  11. Matthieu Lagrive, Triumph 70
  12. Miguel Praia, Honda 66
  13. Fabien Foret, Kawasaki 65
  14. Roberto Tamburini, Yamaha 32
  15. Broc Parkes, Kawasaki 29
  16. Alexander Lundh, Honda 24
  17. Jason DiSalvo, Triumph 21
  18. Vittorio Iannuzzo, Triumph 15
  19. Danilo Dell’Omo, Honda 13
  20. Gianluca Vizziello, Honda 10
  21. Mark Aitchison, Honda 9
  22. Cristiano Migliorati, Kawasaki 8
  23. Alessio Palumbo, Kawasaki 8
  24. Bastien Chesaux, Honda 8
  25. Sam Lowes, Honda 6
  26. Axel Maurin, Yamaha 5
  27. James Westmoreland, Yamaha 5
  28. Lance Isaacs, Honda 5
  29. Florian Marino, Honda 4
  30. Christian Iddon, Honda 4
  31. Billy McConnell, Yamaha 3
  32. Daniel Bukowski, Honda 3
  33. S├Ębastien Charpentier, Triumph 3
  34. Andrea Boscoscuro, Honda 3
  35. Paola Cazzola, Yamaha 3
  36. Giuseppe Barone, Yamaha 2
  37. Imre Toth, Honda 2
  38. Tomas Holubec, Honda 1
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