LeoVince: Dealer Direct & Clearance Sale

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Through a mutual agreement, LeoVince USA and Tucker Rocky Distributing have ended their relationship, and LeoVince USA has completed its transition to a dealer direct distribution model. The motorcycle accessory company is now entirely self-distributed.

LeoVince’s decision to move to this business model began one year ago as relationships with two other national distributors were severed. This was done in an effort to realize a global distribution network that was more identical in operations.

This move also allows LeoVince USA to adapt quicker to fast changing market demands within the motorcycle industry. Throughout much of the world, LeoVince USA’s parent company Sito Gruppo Industriale is primarily self-distributed.

Through 56 years of ongoing sales history within the motorcycle industry, this consistency ensures greater inventory management, and supports the company’s "everything under one roof" business model. This practice, along with a highly trained sales staff specializing only in the LeoVince brand has driven continuous growth through the last five decades.

Today a new paradigm is being created in the U.S., with a dealer direct business model being established by Tim Calhoun, EVP of LeoVince USA.

Tim Calhoun says: "The enduring effects of the current recession and subsequent recovery have proven somewhat crippling for business dealings through traditional two step distributors. This environment has expedited this planned change for our company which will allow us to best serve our dealer network and our fast growing Forza dealer network. It is more efficient, offers dealers better product availability and allows us to offer an extremely high level of customer sales and after sale service."

LeoVince: Motorcycle Accessories Clearance Sale

As a result of this shift from the old model to self-distribution, LeoVince is launching a massive inventory cleanup and clearance sale. This will help to eliminate the returns and rotations created through these prior distribution relationships. A motorcycle house cleaning is in effect, and will be taking place until the end of the year.

Jon Bekefy (Marketing Manager of LeoVince USA) says: "There are a lot of exciting changes in the pipeline, with a host of new products, new dealer incentives and new racing and marketing opportunities. This is the beginning of a major shift in the company’s history and product offerings, everyone should really pay attention to us in the coming months."

For more information on LeoVince USA’s motorcycle inventory reduction sale, please contact one of our product specialists at 510-232-4040 or via email at sales@leovinceusa.com.


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