IMBBA: First Sturgis Bike Show

Sturgis Bike Show

Sturgis, SD – On August 8, 2010 at the Broken Spoke Saloon’s campground, IMBBA held its first Annual Bike Show inside the main building.

While for their first event there were less than 15 bikes to display, of those, was some of the top quality the industry has to offer.

The competition had not only professional trained IMBBA Certified Judges headed up by Master Judge, Freddie Arnold, but, a committee built by Kris Krome, committee’s chairman, who through his panel selected IMBBA’s first USA contestant to represent USA for the World Cup Competition to be held in Canada in 2012.

The bike show, displayed a variety of bikes and styles, but the detail and craftsmanship, was outstanding and left the judges, Bob McKay, Freddie Arnold, Shawn Brittan, and Ryan Robinson right up to the deadline with tie breakers to be decided upon before a winner was selected.

The Trophy was one aspect to this competition, but press and photographers were more of the importance to these builders. and being at the Broken Spoke during Sturgis was quite the experience. In addition, Darin Maltsbereger, Mitchell Technical Institute, located in Mitchell, SD.

A post secondary school and IMBBA certified motorcycle instructor competed with his students in the Bike show. As a result these students were welcomed by the industry top builders and met with

Many of the competitors and walked away with a good understanding of what it takes to compete in a top bike show.

As a result, Sam Baldi, from California, Took first Place, Second place was awarded to Martin and third Place went to Baldi.

While the Committee headed up by Kris Chrome, selected the Best of the Show who will now represent with the 1st place winner and go on to represent the USA in the World Cup Competition.

The Bike show was a success for all and great location thanks to our host Jay Allen, Broken Spoke Saloon.

As the competition continued for both First place and the honor to represent USA in the World Cup Competition, Taking Second place was no shame.

As Martin from somewhere USA with his entry Shovel Head was impeccable and displayed talents and skills that rival any one builder or otherwise.

"The machining and planning that went into this build was remarkable" said Shawn Brittan, IMBBA judge from Canada. Shawn, who uses his judging skills and training for Motorcycle appraisals, is also a second generation auctioneer in London, Ontario.

While, the bike that took best in the Show Selected by the committee headed by Kris Chrome. Set their sights on the bike that defined, fit, form, function and safety, pre-requisites to the level needed to compete in the world industry of bike building. Kris, along with Master Bike Builder, Bob McKay, and Shawn Brittan made the cut and selected: John Shopes Bagger.

That was simply detailed to the max and well built from the ground up. John Shopes’s, Bagger was engraved and tastefully overall distributed, the detail and assembly of this bike coupled with the theme and paint selection was ideally what we were looking for in a competitor to represent USA.