2011 Ducati Monster 1100 (S) | Preview

2011 Monster 1100

When designing the ultimate naked motorcycle, Ducati gave their biggest available Monster everything they could, including their 95 hp, two-valve 1100cc L-Twin engine.

The legendary Desmodromic motor is wrapped in a compact frame that’s designed to comfortably retain all the torque and deliver smooth acceleration. The 1100 model is the only one in the Monster family that utilizes Ducati’s iconic single-sided swingarm.

For 2011, the Monster 1100 is updaged with a new sub-frame ready to accept passenger-friendl grab-rails sold from Ducati Performance, and an S version is available, which includes Öhlins forks. Both the standard and S version are available with ABS.

Monster 1100: Desmodromic Charisma

The Monster 1100 power unit is the legendary 1100cc, air-cooled, Dual Spark L-Twin engine whose 95hp gives it that unmistakable Ducati sound.

Developed for an incredibly flexible power delivery, the 1100 Desmodromic engine provides the rider with enough torque to exit the most challenging of corners in pure sports style.

The impressive 10.5kgm (75.9lb-ft) of torque, typical of the Ducati L-Twin engines, excites with every twist of the throttle.

The two-valve engine on the Monster 1100 features lightweight crankcases produced using the same innovative Vacural technology that Ducati first introduced on the Superbike 848 and achieves significant weight saving while ensuring consistent wall thickness and increased strength.

The 1100 engine boasts a 98mm bore and a 71.5mm stroke, delivering 95hp at 7500rpm and an impressive torque of 10.5kgm (79.5lb-ft) at 6000 rpm.

To underline the sports character of the bike, the new Monster 1100 is fitted with Ducati’s very own dry clutch, which offers a variety of customization options with the Ducati Performance accessories.

The Monster 1100 has a specially designed exhaust system featuring an electronically controlled exhaust valve that enables the use of silencers similar to those of the 696.

The system has one lambda probe dedicated to each cylinder, enabling precise fuelling for a smoother power delivery while complying with current emission regulations.

Monster 1100: Chassis / Suspension

The Trellis frame, developed in conjunction with Ducati Corse uses the same tube diameter and thickness as the 1198 SP. The brand new lightweight aluminum sub-frame maintains visual continuity with the aluminum footrest hangers and swingarm, and now accepts the passenger-friendly grab-rail kit available from Ducati Performance.

The kit further enhances passenger ride comfort without compromising the Monster’s stylish lines.

The 43mm fully adjustable Showa forks and Sachs rising-rate rear suspension unit, with adjustable spring pre-load and return damping, offer sufficient personalization to suit all riding styles and provide that perfect ‘feel.’

The steeply angled rear unit compresses in a movement non-linear to the rear swingarm radius, which achieves progressive characteristics, enables easy access to the spring pre-load and rebound damping adjuster, and eliminates the weight of any rocker-arm mechanism.

At just 169kg (373lb), the Monster 1100 is the lightest bike in its class. The exceptional handling, combined with 10.5kgm (75.9lb-ft) of torque from the Ducati Desmo engine, results in a pure, adrenalin-filled ride.

With a 40mm higher ride-height than the 696, the increased ground clearance of the Monster 1100 enables impressive lean angles, to fully reveal the sports side of this naked bike.

The extremely lightweight aluminum alloy Y-shaped, 5-spoke wheels reduce unsprung weight and improve agility and are fitted with a 120/70ZR tire at the front and a 180/55ZR at the rear, both Pirelli Diablo Rosso.

The result is lightweight, precise steering that is extremely responsive at all speeds while giving the vehicle exceptional stability. The sports character of the bike is further accentuated by aluminum-tapered handlebars.

Monster 1100: Legendary Single-Sided Swingarm

The beautifully shaped single-sided swingarm gives the Monster a ‘pure sports’ look while ensuring higher rigidity, reduced weight and enhanced road holding.

The swingarm is in chill-cast aluminum and achieves the best mechanical characteristics while reducing final weight for improved handling.

Monster 1100: Precise Stopping

The power of the Monster 1100 can rely upon a best-in-category braking system that provides excellent, precise and controllable braking performance.

The impressive Brembo system features radial pumps with adjustable levers feeding four-piston radial calipers which grip twin 320mm discs. The rear brake uses a 2- piston caliper operating on a 245mm disc. An optional ABS system is also available to add extra confidence in all conditions.

The ABS developed by Ducati and offered as an option on the entire Monster family is the most sophisticated version available in motorcycling.

Designed to reduce the risk of wheel-lock under heavy braking or when braking in low grip conditions, the system reads wheel speed data from phonic wheel sensors to detect potential wheel lock.

If the wheel speed differential falls below a specific safety limit, the control unit immediately reduces the brake system pressure to the appropriate caliper to avoid wheel lock.

The pressure reduction on each individual braking circuit is activated by electronically controlled valves, which then close as the wheel speed differential moves away from a locking scenario.

Monster 1100: Essential Instrumentation

Looking clean and minimalist in true Monster style, the brightly illuminated display provides all essential data by default, and even more by scrolling with the left-hand switchgear.

Data includes speed, revs, time, scheduled maintenance, oil temperature and battery voltage, while warning lights illuminate for oil pressure, fuel reserve, turn indicators, high beam and neutral selection.

In addition, the instruments present a reserve fuel trip, immobilizer status and automatic light-off function after 60 seconds with the key on as well as a memory to store lap times recorded by using the high-beam flash button as a stopwatch.

The display also doubles as a control panel for the activation of the Ducati Data Analyzer (DDA) system, which is available as an accessory from Ducati Performance.

All Monsters are built ‘system-ready’ for the data acquisition kit, which consists of a special DDA software and memory key that slots into USB style plug under the seat. The same plug also doubles as the connection for a handy ‘battery maintainer’ available as an accessory from Ducati Performance.

Ducati Monster 1100 S: The Best You Can Get

The Monster 1100 S is a pure concentrate of lightness, power, design and exclusivity. The ‘S’ features fully adjustable 43mm titanium nitride-coated Öhlins forks and a rising rate linkage Öhlins rear shock absorber with adjustable pre-load and return damping.

The ‘S’ model incorporates the same Brembo braking system as the standard model 1100 and also offers an optional version equipped with a confidence-inspiring ABS system.

Front brake disc carriers in aluminum help reduce rotating mass, while cam belt covers, silencer guards and front fender in carbon fiber reduce weight by 1kg (2.2lb).

The distinctive racing gold colored 5-spoke wheels of the Monster 1100 S give it an elegant style and the same sporting look as historic Ducati racing models, while the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tires provide the very best performance.

Monster 1100: Dream Personalization

Making the Monster a one-off with Ducati’s complete range of accessories is easier than ever. Whether creating a whole new look, improving performance further or simply styling the Monster, the accessory collection is intended to make the Monster experience even more rewarding.

Both versions of the Monster 1100 already come factory-personalized with removable single seat covers and neat micro-bikini fairings.

From there, interchangeable tank covers offer an easy way to personalize the Monster, while carbon fiber and titanium exhausts enhance the performance and sound of the Desmo engine.

Performance-hungry owners can choose carbon fiber components to make the Monster even lighter or the Ducati Data Analyzer (DDA) to analyze the performance data of the Monster and rider.

Alternatively, the extra comfortable touring seats and soft side luggage for seat and tank are perfect for longer, more relaxed rides.

2010 Ducati Monster 1100 Colors:

  • Red with red Trellis frame
  • Silver with red Trellis frame
  • Black with matte black frame

All three colors are set against elegant looking silver wheels. The 1100 can be further personalized from a choice of ten additional color schemes available within the innovative Monster Art program.

2011 Ducati Monster 1100 S Colors:

  • Red with red Trellis frame
  • Pearl white with matte black frame

Both colors use wheels finished in racing gold giving the schemes a rich racing feel. The 1100 S can be further personalized from a choice of ten additional color schemes available within the innovative Monster Art program, some historic schemes of which are complemented perfectly by the gold wheels.

2011 Ducati Monster 1100 Prices:

  • MSRP: $11,995
  • Canadian MSRP: $13,495CDN
  • Mexican MSRP: $13,995 (EVA included)


Price for 1100 S Not Available