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In Ultimate MotorCycling's continuing efforts to encourage novice and experienced riders alike to get the best training and safety awareness available, here is another facet of motorcycling that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has a free instruction manual for: three-wheelers.

To date more popular within the big-bore custom cruisers and choppers class of motorcycles, three-wheelers have nevertheless gained increasing acceptance in recent years in other areas too. Several companies have begun to evolve the genre, manufacturing high quality, hi-tech production-based machines on a number of design platforms.

Three-wheel machines present yet another avenue of choice for the customer who, either by preference or perhaps by circumstance (I've met a number of enthusiasts who, by virtue of advancing years and /or medical problems, have taken to three-wheels to eliminate some balance issues without having to relinquish the feel of the wind in their face) are turning to the stability that a 3-wheel platform offers.

Whether you're talking about the more-common leading fork single wheel with two rear wheels configuration, or the reverse: two wheels up front leading a single rear wheel, both type of machine have handling and operational aspects unique from their two-wheel cousins.

Because of the lack of lean angle, the characteristics of a three-wheel machine take some getting used to. At Ultimate MotorCycling, naturally we advise riders to seek out as much information as possible, in an effort to keep you as safe as possible.

Like the other manuals that the MSF offers to enthusiasts, You and Your 3-Wheel Motorcycle - Riding Tips, is available as a free download. Again, it's important that riders, seasoned or newbie, take the extra few moments required to give these valuable pamphlets a look; one tip could make the difference between a fun afternoon out or a bad experience.

Considering the potential consequences, it's worth it to invest a little time and see exactly what the MSF has to offer. After all, it's free to download here.


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