Ducati Apparel

Ducati, the world-famous motorcycle manufacturer, has signed a co-branding agreement with Bear, the popular “activewear” brand based in California, famous for its surf apparel and “stylosophy”.

Iconic in their respective fields, Ducati and Bear have used their expertise and tradition to design and create the stunning new collection.

With both motorcycling and surfing communities sharing a strong passion for the freedom, performance and challenge that their favorite leisure activities provide them, the new partnership has produced an innovative and exciting line of apparel that is sure to be a hit for both lifestyles.

Ducati and Bear have cooperated to create the “capsule collection”, surf and beachwear items with a distinctive motorcycling inspiration.

The unique combination of motorcycling and surfing has created a new style, recognised by the characteristic “curve”, which forms a theme throughout the collection.

The curve offers a visible tribute to the Ducati logo and the sophisticated and strong red, white and black color scheme gives a bold personality to the collection, while identifying the colours of both Ducati and Bear company logos.

The collection will be available in beachwear stores across Italy from spring 2011, and selected items available worldwide in “Ducati Stores” and “Ducati Caffes”.