AMA Motocross: KTM Southwick Report


Jagermeister/KTM rider Mike Alessi landed his KTM 350 SX-F on the podium at the 10th round of the series at Moto-X 338 to take 2nd overall.

Alessi started his season off well with a moto win at Hangtown and a podium finish at the next round but has struggled to find his rhythm at the following rounds until today. The KTM rider looked strong in practice turning lap times within the top five overall fastest times.

He started around eight place at the beginning of moto one and was able to charge up to 6th by the end of the first lap. He moved up to 5th on the second lap and remained there for the first half of the race.

Around the 7th lap he was able to move past Kyle Regal for 4th position where he remained until the final lap. On the last lap, the current leader Brett Metcalfe ran out of gas and Alessi was able to capitalize on his misfortune and move into podium position. Alessi finished the moto in 3rd place.

Mike Alessi says: "I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. After many weeks of struggling to find my speed - I have finally landed back on the podium. I am bummed for Metcalfe, but really excited for my team to get back on the box."

In the second moto, Alessi started around 4th position and held his spot the majority of the race. At one point near the end of the moto, Alessi moved into 3rd when Kevin Windham made a mistake.

Unfortunately, a lap later, Matt Goerke was able to make a pass on Alessi and he dropped back to 4th. Alessi eventually finished in 4th position. Combined his 3-4 moto results equaled an impressive 2nd place finish.

Overall Results 450 Class
1. Ryan Dungey (1-1)
2. Mike Alessi (3-4)
3. Matt Goerke (6-3)
4. Kyle Chisholm (4-6)
5. Kevin Windham (7-5)


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