Ape Calessino | Italian Three-Wheeler

Ape History

The Ape has been part and parcel of Italian life for almost sixty years. Established as a division of Vespa in 1948, following the extraordinary success of the world's most famous scooter, the Ape mobilized Italian commerce at a time when the country was emerging from post-war reconstruction and heading for a dynamic period of economic boom.

The long history of the Ape is one of unprecedented success. This typical example of Italian ingenuity is appreciated all over the world, and still has many happy years to look forward to.

The "Calessino" was introduced one year after the very first Ape, which designed to transport goods. Like its new counterpart, the original Calessino was designed to carry four persons in comfort.

The timeless fascination of the Calessino grew steadily through the 1950s, when it was associated with legendary films like La Dolce Vita.

Hollywood stars who chose to holiday on the islands of the Mediterranean were frequently photographed by the paparazzi of the day riding a Calessino around their favorite localities.

The Calessino proved immensely successful, rapidly becoming a protagonist of high society lifestyle in world famous resorts like Capri, Ischia, Portofino and Forte dei Marmi.

Today, the Ape is one of those rare legends that still has the ability to surprise. This highly original vehicle still stands out for its unique personality. Over two million Apes have been sold around the world, testifying to the success of a design that places versatility at the top of its list of values.

Conceived to satisfy the needs of the small business, the Ape proved itself perfect for transporting goods even through narrow city centre alleys. The Ape has even distinguished itself as an alternative and highly original vehicle for personal mobility.

With the confidence that comes from a long tradition of transport and a reputation for functionality and style, Ape is proudly extending its range with a special limited edition of the Ape Calessino, in homage to a truly unique vehicle, and to provide exclusive mobility for chic locations.

The Ape Calessino is an accurate re-interpretation of the legendary design of the 1960s that embodied the typically sunny lifestyle of the Mediterranean.

The Ape Calessino is the symbol of a lifestyle, a prestigious icon of elegant and exclusive minimalism. The Ape Calessino defies frantic modern rhythms to promote instead a genuine appreciation for places, people and togetherness.

In the Calessino, the Ape's traditional robustness and maneuverability, the results of a tight steering circle, manual gearbox and tried and tested diesel engine, combine with timeless style and a prestigious yachting style finish. The result is an exclusive vehicle that is real pleasure to live and drive.

The Calessino's blue livery is made even more elegant by white wall tires and chrome plated wheels. The body and interior are enhanced by inserts in okoume, a precious tropical wood normally only found on board the most luxurious yachts.

The Ape Calessino is homologated for four people, a driver and three passengers. It is equipped with luxurious cream-colored upholstery with blue trim and waist seat belts similar to those used on passenger aircraft.

The four doors are made from polished stainless steel frames with waterproof and washable linings. The same fabric is used for the two-piece sunroof that makes the Ape Calessino so versatile, and helps you rediscover the pleasure of company in the open air.

Made in only 999 examples back in 2008, this most chic of all Apes is destined for customers in search of genuine Italian style and design. The extremely functional Calessino will also appeal to the collector, bearing as it does a numbered data plate that makes it even more exclusive.


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