Jeremy McGrath Legends Poster

Motocross Poster

Dunlop has commissioned the creation of a Jeremy McGrath Legends motorcycle poster to benefit the Clayton Memorial Fund and the Road 2 Recovery Foundation.

McGrath’s record of success–72 race wins, two 125-class titles, seven Supercross championships and an outdoor Motocross title–is unequaled.

McGrath is credited to bringing Supercross to the attention of non-motorcyclists, as the mainstream media picked up on his spectacular brand of showmanship and winning personality. In the process, the name McGrath grew to become synonymous with the sport.

According to a Dunlop spokesman, "Supercross is a uniquely American sport, one that was born in the USA and has since grown to capture the hearts of motorsports fans the world over.

It’s definitely Showtime when the gates drop on a Saturday night Supercross race, and many would maintain that the man who put the capital S in Showtime was none other than Jeremy McGrath."

The McGrath poster is part of a series of Dunlop posters that salute the greats of motorcycle racing. The posters have raised more than $50,000 for financial assistance to injured motorcycle racers.

This limited edition, collectible 19" x 26" poster is available for purchase through the Road 2 Recovery Website at or call 480-276-1131 or via the Cycle News website at or call 800-831-2220.


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